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Do it Yourself Dog Wash

Washing your dog can be easier with a few extra amenities you might not have at home. We have an elevated tub, steps, towels, dryers and for your pet bathing convenience. Call ahead to be sure tubs are available.

The do it yourself dog wash price is $7.00 per dog. Feel free to bring your own shampoo. If you don't have your own shampoo, that's not a problem. When you come in, we have high quality dog shampoos to choose from for an additional $1.00. Medicated shampoo is available for an additional $2.00.


No appointment necessary! Be sure, however, to call ahead to make sure that there is a tub available for your dog.

Come get the tools you need to keep your furry friend clean!

• Your dog must be current on vaccinations for Distemper, Parvo, Rabies, and Bordetella

• Your dog must be flea free

• Your dog must be up-to-date with its annual exam (by a veterinarian)

• You MUST call ahead to ensure we have room for your dog

• Bordetella is required every six months


(for the safety of the dogs):

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